4 Awesome Tips for Moving Long Distances with Plants

If you’re moving to a new location, whether it is a home or a business, your plants need special attention. If you neglect caring for them properly during your move, you could end up with a truck full of dead flowers and house plants. To keep the leaves of your plant friends healthy, here are some amazing tips for making long distance moves and trips with your plant friends.

Prepare Your Plants

Before you move, give your plants a good pruning and remove any dead branches or leaves that are present on plants. You should also remove any weeds, dust, and pests that may be present. Plant relocation services can be used to keep plants in pristine condition as well, reducing the likelihood that plants will get damaged or die on their journey to your new home or business location.

Pay Attention to the Temperature

Whenever possible, transport your plants in a vehicle that is temperature and humidity controlled. This keeps plants from being in damaging temperatures for too long. If you make any overnight stops, take your plants with you and make sure they’re still healthy during the drive. You can also give them an extra dose of water if you’re going on an exceptionally long trip.

Keep Plants Watered

Even if you are in a temperature-controlled vehicle, it is crucial to make sure that you keep plants watered well, preferably giving them a big dousing of water on the day of your move. When travelling in the winter, make sure the soil is dry by watering plants a few days before your big moving day.

Be Aware of the Law

Different states have varying laws when it comes to the type of plants they allow. When you’re planning on making a big move, be sure to get familiar with the laws in your new location to make sure you are within the boundary of the legal system. The United States Department of Agriculture may need to inspect any of the plant materials you’re travelling with to make sure that they’re legal and do not contain any pests or pesticides that could cause harm to the environment.

When you’re moving with some of your favorite plants, taking care of them becomes a priority. Keep track of your belongings, make sure plants are watered, control the temperature, and be sure to prep your plants for a long drive.