5 Ways In Which Artificial Intelligence Aka AI Can Transform Small Businesses

In today’s tech-driven world, you don’t need to be a giant company in order to take advantage of the efficiencies developed by AI. Small business owners and startup geeks are taking help of seasoned ai development companies to transform their entire product and service lifecycle from manufacturing to customer support. In this article, let’s take a look at the major five ways in which this technology is reshaping small businesses. Intelligent CRM Systems: Nowadays, small businesses are taking advantage of AI-powered CRM platforms like SalesForce. In 2016, SalesForce launched its Einstein AI that analyzes customer sentiments across different channels (e.g email, phone, social media), evaluate the feedback and modify the lead generations and marketing activities accordingly. These AI-enabled CRM systems help the sales and marketing teams of small businesses to have a better understanding of customers’ intent in order to personalize marketing campaigns so that to enhance their satisfaction level. Advanced Customer Service Solutions: In order to evolve, small enterprises have to provide their customers with the best support services. Most of the small companies struggle because their support agents have to perform menial and repetitive tasks. But this problem can be solved with the help of AI-powered customer service solutions. For example, DigitalGenius is an AI-enabled customer service platform that generates automatic answers and classifies tickets and messages to quickly route them to the right teams so that your support agents can focus on resolving issues requiring human interference. Smart AI Solutions For Effective Marketing: Small businesses have to invest undesirable costs in managing marketing budgets. But these days, small enterprises can use modest budgets efficiently by leveraging unique ai solutions for marketing. For instance, Acquisio is an AI-powered platform through which small businesses can effectively manage their marketing operations across multiple channels (e.g Bing, Facebook, Adword), analyze advertising performance so that figure out the best marketing strategy and reduce their CPC (cost per click). AI For Gaining A Competitive Edge Over Others: In order to stay competitive, it is essential for small businesses to have a thorough understanding of the strategies of their competitors. This issue can be addressed with the help of AI-enabled competitive analysis tools like Crayon. This tool can easily track all the activities of your competitors across different channels and identify subtle changes in the pricing and PR activities. With a deep insight into the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors’ strategy, you can modify your own policy so that to gain an edge over them. AI-Ready Solutions To Streamline Complex Workflow: Small businesses can leverage AI-ready tools to gain useful business insights from their workflow that involves data. For example, Monkey Learn is an AI-powered tool that can be used by small enterprises for sentiment analysis and entity extraction in their CSV, Google Sheets, and Excel data without any coding. It facilitates the automatic classification of inbound emails and other communications and analyzes product reviews so that to produce useful reports containing practical business insights.