Blue Light Glasses from SmartBuyGlasses

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, we have been locked in our homes and forced to work from home. Therefore, the number of times we look at our digital devices has significantly increased. Digital devices such as mobile phones, laptops, T.V screens have caused real damage to our eyes and because of that eye strain has become an issue that really needs to be looked upon.

Luckily, SmartBuyGlasses has already developed a technology called zFORT™ that acts as a protective coating on the lens to eliminate the passage of blue light emitting from your digital screens.

Once you equip yourselves with zFORT™ blue light filters, you will be able to see the changes in your sleeping patterns at night and also feel the difference in your eyesight as it will not cause you any headaches, or eye strains.

 This technology does wonders for your eye health, and it comes in at affordable prices; accessible to all. A prescription is not required for blue light glasses; you can get any lens coated with blue light!

What is Blue Light?

Some of you may be wondering what the fuss is all about. Well, to answer your question. Blue Light is a component of sunlight, which is composed of seven different coloured rays. There is red, orange, blue, yellow, green, indigo and violet. Compared to the others, blue light has a much shorter wavelength than the rest, ranging from 380 Nanometers to 500 Nanometers; therefore, they have extremely high levels of energy. Some of the reasons we are looking at this online store include its price match guarantee, latest assistive shopping technology, and personalized help from their registered opticians. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Blue Light?

Blue light is not all bad; we still need it to improve our memory and mood. It also helps us maintain our pattern of sleep, and is vital to the eye development of children. If you really think about it, we would really be lost without blue light but more exposure to this can also become a problem for us.

Therefore, we must be careful not to expose ourselves to a large amount of blue light. It still remains harmful because excessive exposure to it can cause potential damage to your eyes. The common symptoms caused by looking at your digital screens for hours are eye strain, headaches and difficulty in sleeping. 

What is zFORT™?

It is a technology recently introduced to the market by SmartBuyGlasses. It filters out blue light from penetrating your eyes. The material used in this technology can be coated with any lens of glasses that you are interested in buying, without actually having a prescription for it. Once you have added the filter to your lens, the blue light glasses will be shipped to your destination.

Why buy zFORT?

Taking care of your health is our utmost priority so, why must you put your eyes at risk when you can protect them with zFORT technology? After all, retaining our eyesight is the main goal here. We wouldn’t want to lose that, now would we? Here are the 3 crucial advantages to the zFORT™ blue light filter:

  1. Eliminate the risk of eye strain by adding zFORT™ blue light filter to your glasses.
  2. Anything that includes digital screens calls for the zFORT™ technology.
  3. Protect your eyes from blue light and notice the changes in your sleeping pattern! You will be able to sleep soundly at night due to the less exposure to blue light.