Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Hosting: Explained

With the growing digitalization and advancements, many small and large organizations are looking for efficient, reliable, and cost-effective web hosting services for their business websites. As a result, the web hosting industry is changing rapidly, and businesses are looking beyond traditional hosting solutions and moving towards accepting and incorporating Cloud Hosting services for their e-commerce websites. 

Your website’s hosting server plays a huge role in its success and performance. Therefore, the demand for Cloud Hosting providers is increasing rapidly as more and more businesses are open to hosting their websites through cloud-based web hosting platforms because of the varied advantages. 

To understand the benefits of Cloud Hosting, we need first to distinguish it from the traditional hosting solutions. 

What is traditional hosting?

Traditional hosting is a web hosting solution that hosts your website on a single server. This server can be shared or dedicated, depending on the hosting solution. There are multiple traditional hosting types you can choose from for your website, depending on its size, website traffic, and other requirements. 

  1. Shared Hosting: Shared Web Hosting is among the most affordable and ideal hosting solutions for small businesses and new websites. A website is hosted on a Shared Web Server with shared resources along with multiple other websites in this hosting platform. 
  2. Dedicated Hosting: A Dedicated Hosting solution offers dedicated resources that are not shared with other websites. This is the costliest hosting solution, which is ideal for large organizations with huge website traffic. In addition, this hosting provides you with the flexibility to customize and manage your server as per your website requirements. 
  3. VPS Hosting: Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting is an intermediary hosting solution between Shared and Dedicated Hosting services. It provides you with a private server of your own within the primary server and full root server access, similar to a Dedicated Server, at an affordable price. 

What is Cloud Hosting?

Unlike traditional hosting solutions, the Cloud Server Hosting architecture does not host your website data on a single server; instead, it hosts your data on multiple cloud servers connected through clusters. It has a unique cloud infrastructure that offers multiple benefits to your website. 

Cloud Web Hosting offers a high level of scalability, flexibility, performance, and reliability compared to traditional hosting. 

Since your data is hosted on multiple cloud servers and draws resources from all those servers, it ensures high availability and website uptime. Additionally, your data is mirrored in real-time across these servers. Thus, even if one server fails due to technical issues, another server from the cluster automatically restores your data and keeps it running without affecting the site uptime or performance. This saves huge cost revenue, as even a few hours of website downtime can lead to revenue losses and customer dissatisfaction. 

In addition, if your website receives a sudden traffic surge, it could lead to server failure or downtime in the case of traditional hosting, such as a Shared Hosting solution. On the contrary, Cloud Hosting solutions can be scaled up as per your website’s needs by adding additional hosting resources with no hassle. This helps manage the increasing website traffic efficiently, which is difficult in traditional hosting environments. 

What makes Cloud Hosting affordable than traditional hosting solutions is that you buy the basic plans with server resources that your website consumes and you can scale up whenever required. Whereas, in traditional hosting, you have to pay for all the server resources you bought, whether you use them or not, making it unreliable and inefficient. 

Summing Up

This flexibility, scalability, reliability, and affordability of Cloud-based Hosting services make it highly popular amongst businesses and website owners. With quick data recovery, faster loading speed, and high performance, you get phenomenal hosting solutions at an affordable rate with Cloud Hosting. 

So, if you are confused about choosing between a traditional and a Cloud Hosting solution, always choose the latter for enhanced website uptime and performance.