Plesk Onyx vs cPanel? Which One Should You Choose for Your VPS Server?

Web hosting control panels are important as they allow you to monitor and control all services that you use from the web host. There are many control panels available. Of these, Linux cPanel and Windows Plesk are two of the most popular ones. Many site owners decide between Windows and Linux VPS Hosting Plans by choosing between cPanel and Plesk. In this article, we will compare these two and probably help you make your decision.

While cPanel was released in 1996, Plesk came much later in 2001. The latest stable release of Plesk is the Plesk Onyx. Here is a comparison between the two control panels:

Plesk Onyx vs cPanel

Feature cPanel Plesk Onyx
User interface The user interface is cluttered, and there is no helpful grouping of tools or features. However, you can customize the home screen. The user interface is clutter-free and easy to use. All features are grouped in a list on the left side.
Performance cPanel loads faster than Plesk Onyx since it focuses on performance optimization. cPanel developers reduced the memory required and increased the speed of all operations within the cPanel too.
Tools & Features Basic features remaining the same, you can add additional apps to cPanel. You can also get Docker and Git running, but the workaround is very complex. Basic features remaining the same, Plesk supports more useful apps straight from the box. You can run Docker and Git from Plesk with relative ease.
Security cPanel offers security tools like Automatic SSL certificate installation, IP-address denials, password-protected directories, etc. Plesk Onyx offers security features like outbound and inbound email anti-spam, prevention against fail2ban intrusion, integration of active directory, etc.
Available on It is available only on Linux OS. The distros that support cPanel are RedHat Enterprise Linux OS, CloudLinux, and CentOS. It is available on both Windows Server and 14 Linux Distros.
Migration Tools You need to use the Transfer Tool in WHM. You cannot migrate your website using cPanel alone. Plesk Migrator Tool
Database Access Access to phpMyAdmin to manage MySQL databases Access to MySQL or MySQL Server databases
Mobile App No mobile app Mobile app available for both Android and iOS
Backup Tools You have to perform manual backups and store it in the server’s local backup directory It offers backup tools like Google Drive, DropBox, etc. It also allows you to password-protect your backups
Web Servers Apache Apache and NGINX


You must choose the control panel that you find easier to use. On paper, cPanel is the veteran with a large ‘fan-following’, and Plesk Onyx has some neat features. We recommend that you get your hands on both the control panels and see which feels more comfortable. Remember, the control panel controls how you interact with the server. Ensure that you choose the right OS for your VPS and the right control panel. Good Luck!