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Every internet user demands an unlimited internet connection. You might have faced times when you are watching this interesting movie, and it keeps buffering after every minute or 2. You probably switch it off. Or you are playing an online game and face high pings. What is even the use of your router or modem when it doesn’t provide effective results?

Well, a wireless Router or WIFI Router is a device that provides you with the routing of the wireless network. When the router at your home is used for 2 to 3 years and has been stressed a lot by many devices connected to it, you will definitely face speed issues. Routers read/write capability effects; it will be difficult to stream HD videos as it will strain the router and slow down other transfers as well.

What happens when your router is overheated?

Routers provide schools, households, and businesses computers to function effectually for a long period. However, gadgets being mere materials tend to heat up no matter what brand or age. Many organizations need their Computers repairs for 24/7, and routers would particularly wear out being active alongside.

You know that you need to change your router when you face these difficulties:

  • Lost connection: the dropping of internet connections is one of the most common signals when a router is overheated. Randomly dropped connection without any warning indicates a heated router. Computer operators are most frustrated when facing such error.
  • Slow operation: when you browse, the operation slows to a crawl and then freezes altogether.
  • Flickering Lights: flashing lights or no router lights at all, signals that the router in overheated. Sometimes, it also blinks at dizzy speed.

How to overcome the problem?

  1. NAS – Network-Attached Storage

NAS is a storage device, file storage that provides multiple users and devices to recover data from the standard Ethernet connection. It is a physical device that can be connected to your LAN providing you high-performance. It can help you overheated router work effectively by incorporating storage. Visit this URL to know all about it.

  1. Get yourself a new router

It is heartbreaking to change your router but getting upgraded is not a bad idea. Upgrading would indeed save your money as well as time instead of repairing and maintenance charges. Once installed, you can enjoy the difference in connection stability and internet speed.