Prescriptions Are Being Filled Online


In the old days, when you went to see a doctor for an illness, he would give you a prescription which you would then take to your local pharmacy to be filled. If you were very ill, you would often have to wait for hours in order to receive your medicine and this was very inconvenient. However, today, most prescriptions are being filled electronically through computers and wait times at pharmacy’s have all but disappeared. It has become much easier to receive the medications you need.

Electronic Prescriptions Are the New Way

Most doctor offices will now be able to send any prescriptions that the doctor needs to have filled for you via the internet. They can write out the medicine that is needed with all of the other information the pharmacist will require. The doctor will ask which pharmacy you will be going to and send it off within minutes. Once you leave his office, you can go to the pharmacy and pick up your medicine right away. Most of them will have it waiting for you. When you are sick, you will appreciate this reduction in the time you have to wait to begin taking your medicine. Since the prescriptions are sent electronically this also reduces the chances of mistakes in medication being made. In the past, the pharmacist would need to rely on his understanding of the doctors handwriting to fill a prescription. Many times, it caused another delay as they would need to contact the doctor for clarification. If the doctor was no longer in his office, it could mean you would not be able to get the medication at that time. Electronics have changed this greatly. Unless the medication prescribed is not available in the size of quantity the doctor ordered, there is no longer any delays.

Pharmacy Sites Give You Information

When you visit a website for a pharmacy in your area, it will tell you whether they accept these electronic prescriptions or not and will provide any information your doctor may need to send them to the shop. It will also tell you what their hours are so that you know whether they will be open or not when you go to the doctor. They also may have information on the types of medications that are typically prescribed for certain illnesses and what the effects of them may be. You can also get this information from the pharmacist when you pick up your medicine. Look on the internet in order to find a pharmacy that is located near your home so that it is convenient for you.

Since the invention of the computer, it is now much easier to do most things. Having a prescription filled electronically is only one of the services that can be done on the internet. You can also make purchases from your pharmacy online and have that be ready for you when you pick up your prescriptions. You can also renew any medications you have online if you know the RX number that is included on the bottle.