How to make more of software development by doing less

The custom software development process can be daunting, especially when you expand beyond your internal bandwidth and recruit a third party to bring your solution to market. Seeing your vision come to fruition begins with choosing a capable development partner, taking into account aspects of your development model that do not necessarily appear to be critical to the decision-making process.

Key points

Technology Experience

Review their case studies and learn about their experience with the technologies you want to implement. How many years of experience do your developers have? What technologies have they worked with and to what extent? Technology is the engine of the project, so making sure mechanics understand the engine’s working parts is critical.

Using Your Resources

Get a good understanding of what is included in your development rate. By including project managers, you can be as practical as you like. If they are not, you will be forced to stay at the forefront of the research and design campaign, keeping development staff on the right track and on time.

Eliminating Communication Barriers

Understand exactly how you will communicate with your project team before the start. For providers using international resources, communication is often a sore spot. How will you overcome these barriers? Establish guidelines and standards immediately to reduce miscommunication in the future. Find a partner that uses a close-to-shore contact to interface between you and your developer, ensuring that expectations are not misunderstood.

Scaling Your Needs

Software development requiresvacillate like the weather as projects pivot and increase. Rest of the times, you cut back and require downsizing due to budget restraints. Happens. For this reason, it’s best to ask about the scalability of the provider. This way, you can build long-term strategic partners, rather than re-strategizing every time a project changes course.

Own your Code

Sometimes this comes as an unforeseen cost as the development process concludes, an additional fee for the final product release, or for code rights. Collaborating with Velvetech, a Software Development company that hits you with an additional price in the end for a technology that you envisioned is not a good option.

Adapt the Price to Equip your Project

Don’t fall for the fixed price trap. This will result in an inferior product that will inevitably require further development to rectify. Find a partner who will thoroughly examine your project before estimating a development cost.