Where can you buy a karaoke?

Karaoke is often referred to when you want to refer to the fact of being able to sing on a track, that is, on the instrumental version. This practice can be done both for fun and professionally, as many people sing as a job that is also paid. Where can you buy karaoke systems?


There are two types of karaokes that can be adapted for domestic use or that can be used by any type of person, without having professional knowledge: Karaoke machines and PC karaoke programs.

Karaoke machines

This type of machines works as a signal converter. The music that enters the machine can be any type of song, with lyrics or without lyrics, since the machine will be in charge of converting it into karaoke.

The operation is based on equalization, since it tries to eliminate certain audio frequencies in order to remove the song’s song lyrics and in this way transform it into “karaoke”.

There are also certain artifacts that already have a number of songs preloaded in midi mp3 format and that are already karaoke, that is, instrumental. Simply choosing the one that is pleasing to the participant or user, and connecting a microphone, you can sing about it.

PC programs

Computer programs that serve karaoke have many functions. The main one is to play the desired song and display the lyrics on another screen, so that the user can follow it.

These types of karaoke are designed for leisure and fun, since the lyrics go as “help” for which you do not know the song.

These programs work with a database of songs, so you have to add the songs that you want to include to sing.

Where to buy a karaoke?


Karaoke machines can be purchased through the web, or in any electronics house. It is also recommended to check the sale sites like Ebay or Twenga where you can find opportunities.


If you need the PC program, you can download several from the web for free, but without many functions. If you want a professional program, you can check the site Cantobares.com or Karaokemedia.com, to find download possibilities by paying a minimum fee.

From there it will also be possible to download then the tracks to use with the program.


A karaoke can be used in a home or professional way, everything will depend on the result you want to obtain.

The karaoke systems work in a professional manner, but the result is not 100% real, since they can be remnants of the lyrics sung after the equalization.

If it is needed for live presentations, it is recommended to work with tracks already created instrumental, either through a console or through a PC. A machine can be used to create these tracks, but in a private way and in advance, to avoid any error.