Link Building Trends in 2021

Whatever your profession be – digital marketing, business or social media influencer, it is Link Building that will build your career or business or reputation online. Link Building is part of every profession and every business or service. Link Building is a major ingredient of SEO and you need a comprehensive strategy for a successful Link Building process. In every industry, competition is intense and only planned Link Building efforts will bring you impressive results that would mean achieving top positions in the search engines. Many reports suggest Link Building contributes a major part to SEO and over 40% of SEO professionals use Link Building to boost SEO results. Over 50% of the Internet Marketers consider Link Building as a useful tool in SEO. Like an everyday sheet of the calendar expires each day, some of the internet marketing tools get outdated with each day. So, it is highly imperative to look out for new tools, techniques, methods and practices to stay ahead of the competition and not get outdated with old tools like the day’s sheet of an everyday calendar.  s getting outdated. Let us see the Link Building Trends relevant in 2021.

Create Links to Solve Genuine Problems

Businesses and the general public have multitudes of problems day-in and day-out. You can create links that solve real problems. So, create web pages with content that will solve people’s problems like matching jobs, repair services, content writing, business consulting, transporting service, health tips, cooking ideas, etc., and create backlinks to these solution web pages from strategic websites and other online media through backlinks. The solutions to the problems are the search queries people relate their problems with and identify your backlinks which lead to solutions of their problems. For example, a user is looking for the best cold-pressed juicer. You will have to prepare your article or content piece about top ten cold press juicer models available in the market. Your article must have crisp info and suggestions why your prospective customers should consider visiting your web site that sells juicers or carries articles that talks about choosing the best cold-press juicers available in the market. You may also include the links where the user can buy the cold press juicer either online or offline. As stated before, your backlinks should drive to web pages where your users should find real solutions to their problems.

You can use a popular keyword planner to pick keywords phrases that best defines people’s problems and your solutions. Analytics will help you with the past web page traffic data such as number of visitors, their location, source of backlinks, keywords used and pages visited. You can also use visitors forecast data to determine the potential visits through each keyword phrase. From the juicer example, the users who have read your article on top 10 cold press juicers will buy or consider to buy or decide not to buy your juicers. Conversion from keywords to sales depends on how the customer is attracted to click the Anchor Text, read the article and solve his problem. Many brands are using Perfect Link Building Services to achieve great SEO advantage and get sales and branding success.

Make your Links Increasingly Effective

To get more traffic for your webpage, your backlinks must get placed on web pages where traffic is terrific. By placing an optimal number of backlinks on relevant external websites and web pages, you can attract quality traffic to your backlinked web page. It is highly recommended to place your backlinks in news portals, directories, social profiles, social media posts, discussion forums, etc., and gain tremendous online traffic.

A recent study by SEMrush states the following:

Guest Posts

Over 50% of the participants stated that guest posts are the best place to increase backlinks. Apart from creating backlinks, it also helps to create a Diverse Backlinks Portfolio which is about placing backlinks in diversified online platforms.

Business Directories

Alexa states that over 50% of business transactions are happening electronically through tons of online stores. You can do so with the proper link-building strategy that they too have adapted.

Social Media

Can you imagine a world without social media now? The power and influence of Social Media are all over and can be monetized with effective Link Building. Social Media can be used as a powerful Link Building tool to achieve SEO results by which your website will get top ranks in the SERP.

Press Releases

The news is the society and the society is in the news now. SEO professionals cannot ignore or underestimate the power of the online press these days. News websites or Online PR Sites have the power to get across your content to any audience in any niche. News influences individuals, society as a whole and also businesses to respond to news stimuli. Free News and/or Paid PR can even turn your non-potential customers into your customers through sensational news items, powerful announcements, social welfare articles, technology updates and so on. Press Releases are definitely impactful tools in this fast-paced world. As the trend has shifted from printed newspapers to e-newspapers read in the hands from a smartphone, Link Building through Press Releases is a dramatic way forward in the modern digital era.

Forums & Blog Comments

Like very big Social Media, User Generated Content (UGC) sites, forums and blog comments are other fantastic ways to SEO Link Building. UGC sites, forums and blog sites witness huge exchange of comments and see raging arguments during sensational or tense situations. These platforms are opportunity galore for able Online Marketing Strategists who use the situations deftly to their marketing advantage. You can post your backlinks in the UGC sites and comments columns that will pick up clicks from a wide spectrum of audiences and advance your Google results to top pages.

Co-Authored Relationships

It is similar to Guest Posting with some uniqueness. Co-Authoring is a win-win formula for everyone who wants to get ranked better in SERP results. Co-Authored Relations is partnering with reputed and good writers in your Guest Posts. Co-Authors will add value and credibility to your Guest Posts because of their own individual popularity, wealth of information they possess, social goodwill and new perspectives. Co-Authoring makes your content into high-demand content. Co-Authors will also contribute to your Link Building efforts by gaining and giving access to multiple websites through his influence and contacts.

Online Cross Promotion is also a simple Co-Authoring Link Building process. For example, an electrical hardware shop and an electrical appliances shop can jointly create or co-create promotional content and jointly promote each other. Either of them is not a competitor to the other. Here, Co-Authoring Link Building benefits both. The power of synergy can be maximized to its advantage through Co-Authored Link Building. Each other’s backlinks help in back-to-back Link building and improves each other websites’ SEO.

Have a Look on your Competitors’ Backlinks

It is always a must to have an eye on your competitor’s move. You can check your competitors’ pick of keywords and strategize as to how you can promote them. You can counter the competitor move at every step of the way with increased exposure on every campaign and better placement of your strategic backlinks. Your website score keeps improving and at the same time you are able to protect your business interests from the competition. You can do multiple things as improving Anchor Texts and Keyword Phrases.


You can use a combination of all strategies discussed herein and take concerted efforts to achieve your comprehensive Link Building targets and goals.

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