Managed WordPress Hosting: All You Have to Know About It

Since more than 500 websites are built each day using WordPress, multiple server providers are now offering an additional services package named Managed WordPress Hosting. This service is aimed at helping website owners to manage their websites effectively and efficiently.

Here’s what you need to know about managed hosting services and their effects.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Under managed hosting, you will also get website support from your provider consisting of experienced and seasoned professionals well versed in the technical aspects of WordPress. These individuals will maintain the optimal functionality of your website at all times.

What are the Benefits of Managed Hosting?

While there are no definite criteria about the services included in managed hosting plans, there are yet some features that are common across every provider. So here are the benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting:

#1 Security

Your provider will regularly scan your website for any malware and thwart any attempts made by hackers, keeping your website safe and secure. You may receive crucial security cover like Sitelock, which as per multiple surveys is a prominent security feature that you must look for.

#2 High speed and no downtime

Your website will be shifted on managed hosting servers that are set-up to offer unhindered speed. So, no matter how heavy the traffic on your website is, your site will never experience downtime.

#3 Periodic backups and site updates

Your provider will look after the updates on your website, and take periodic backups, usually every day, to keep your content accessible for future use.

#4 Experienced customer support

You will be offered multiple support options including experienced WordPress professionals that will help you in taking effective technical decisions for your website.

#5 Additional services

Apart from these, you will likely get multiple other services from your provider, such as staging sites where you can check the efficiency of any new update or changes in your site.

While these advantages look exciting and helpful, there are certain drawbacks associated with managed hosting.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Managed Hosting?

#1 Cost of the plan

The cost of managed hosting plans is at a pricier end than the shared hosting plans. However, owing to the wide range of services offered you can expect value-for-money for every rupee spent.

#2 Restrictions on plugins

While you might want to add certain plug-ins to your website, your provider will ban them if they reduce the speed of your website.

#3 Less freedom in technical matters

Since your provider will handle the technical aspects of your website, you will likely not have control of the technical areas of your website. However, for a non-tech-versed individual, this might look like an assuring aspect.

When Should You Consider Opting for Managed Hosting?

Now having considered the benefits and the drawbacks of managed hosting service, the decision ultimately lies in your needs and spending capabilities.

Another key avenue that you need to consider is your needs. Is your website your sole income source? In this case, you cannot afford downtime or slow web service of any sort.

If you are a beginner who is just starting a website, Shared Web Hosting may be a better choice till the time your site starts attracting heavy traffic. Similarly, tech-savvy individuals who are capable of executing the activities themselves should analyse the time and effort spent while working at the backend to what they could do otherwise if these hassles are not for them to see.