Six of 2021’s top website design trends

Website design, much like other creative outlets including art and fashion, is influenced by what is happening around us.

As businesses have been compelled to adapt to changeable marketplace conditions and rapidly evolve their business models to survive, the most innovative web designers have taken this uncertainty and used it to fuel concepts and ideas for new ways of approaching web design that push the boundaries of what is possible.

Alongside ensuring you have quality web hosting, like that offered by, here are six trends that could help you revamp your digital presence in 2021.

Captivating photography

Online retailers looking to stand out from the crowd are clamouring to invest in captivating product photography that consumers simply can’t overlook. We’re also expecting to see a rise in 360-degree and even 3D imagery which really brings products to life.

Eye-catching typography

As many of us are becoming very adept multi-taskers, it is going to be more important than ever to immediately capture the attention of every visitor to keep your bounce rate to a minimum. Large, eye-catching fonts are an excellent way to communicate key messaging quickly.

Going off-kilter

We’ve all been feeling a little wonky of late and throughout 2021 this is going to permeate web design too. Diagonal lines can add interest to a design and provide visitors’ eyes with a clear path through the content. Off-kilter lines can also create natural page breaks, which will prevent your site from looking too rigid.

Neon hues

Pinterest is predicting that 2021 is all about colour, so wave goodbye to the monochrome and pastel tones that have reigned supreme over the last few years. Look out for designers incorporating bold neon shades into their websites and expect plenty of highlighter yellows and hot pinks.

Easy-on-the-eye data visualisation

If the last year has taught us anything, it is that large quantities of complex information can be presented in ways that are engaging and easy to digest. From pie charts to bar graphs, 2021 will be the year that brands discover that data certainly can be easy on the eye.

Bespoke illustration

As more businesses make an active choice to step away from stock imagery, the popularity of bespoke illustration is set to rise. From comic book art to whimsical styles, illustration can come in many forms and can be uniquely tailored to your offering.