Cases For The Tech You Didn’t Consider

Devices, devices, devices, we’ve got the devices, but how do we protect the devices? With cases. Cases, cases, cases, we’ve got cases, but what if you want something different? It feels like all of the cases out there right now all look the same and come from the same manufacturer. There are a few dealers selling some cases for some technology that look slightly more unique and interesting, but frankly, no matter where you get your case, it’s either boring or usually trash.

Never fear! You can use common household items as a great case for your technology, and not just your phone.

Let’s start with an easy one…

Socks! You can use socks as a case for almost any technology. Now, before you click out of this window for such a stupid suggestion, I would say you’re not thinking creatively enough. I’m not talking about some boring old Hanes or Nike sport-sock. Yeah, that would be super lame! I’m talking about fun socks! There are socks for holidays, and socks with animals, and more classy socks with argyle patterns. If you just cut it to the right length and glue the edges to keep it from fraying, you can make a pretty nice phone case for it.

How about books? Have you ever seen one of those thriller movies where someone takes a book out of a shelf and opens it, and inside is a perfectly cut out shape of a gun? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. You can get really cool old-looking books online or used book stores, cut out the center pages and use it as a case for your technology when you travel. This probably wouldn’t work as well for your cell phone because it wouldn’t be very practical, but for something like this Solix why not put it in a book? Not only will it be protected by the sturdy binding while you throw your backpack around, but nobody will steal if because there are far fewer people who want a book than a WiFi Hotspot.

Here’s one that’s not quite a household item, but might as well fall into that territory… cigar boxes! If you don’t own any cigar boxes or haven’t seen or heard of anything like that, you’re in for a treat. Next time you are out, go to a tobacco store, and ask the owner if he/she has any cigar boxes to sell… you’ll be surprised that not only do they have a bunch of them, but they usually sell these for 2 or 3 dollars apiece.

Cigar boxes are like alcohol bottles, every cigar company tries to make their own stamp with their very own shape and design of their cigar boxes. The best feature of this tip is that cigar boxes come in all different sizes, materials, shapes, and colors… so you could start collecting them if you wanted to and use various sizes for various pieces of technology.

Get creative with your cases? Don’t just settle for what the market wants to sell you, because frankly, they aren’t very creative themselves. They don’t have to be, they just want to make money, and most people aren’t willing to take a moment to come up with a way to recycle something they already own to make a fun case for their tech.