Future of the Web Hosting Industry

Every day, we see dozens or hundreds of web pages. Although we only know a bit about computer science, we can already build a website. Today,we will talk a little about the history of web hosting, an essential aspect of any website.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting, according to Wikipedia: It is a virtual place to store information, images, videos that you can access publicly via domain URL. Web hostinghosts web pages and everything that revolves around it.

Now, this post is not to explain what web hosting is, but rather to know the story behind it.

History of web hosting

The history of web hosting is an exciting story. You have to go back to 1991 to find the genesis of this service that many companies and individuals make use of.

The internet began connecting our world as ways we had never known before, and much of this is due to web hosting.

When the Internet started, it had widespread use. If you wanted to host a website, you had to own your server to do it. The servers were expensive and difficult to maintain. Therefore, the web hosting industry was not what it is now, where you usually get cheap web hosting, compared to that time.

It was the primitive era of the internet when buying a domain, registering it, and buying a web host was not accessible at all.

However, as the internet and advanced web hosting were becoming a necessity, ingenious people detected anexcellent business opportunity.

Indeed, the web hosting industry was born from this notion, and the rest is history. However, keep reading.

While most people are familiar with the current term “web hosting,” it has not always been so recognizable. For a while, there was very little demand for web hosting because:

  • Not many people were online
  • Web Hosting was new, and its future was uncertain.
  • Web hosting was expensive at first.

However, time was responsible for making the internet part of our life and with it the web hosting industry. Suddenly companies like HostingRaja, GoDaddy and Hostgator became recognized names. Every day, more people were looking for companies that offered web hosting to start their website and have a presence in the complex world of the internet.

Things began to change due to the arrival of web hosting. The entire marketing industry had to change to adapt once the websites became a business destination for companies.

As the demand for hosting increased, the high costs of the first days of web hosting gave way to incredibly low prices. Some companies started offering free web hosting. This caused competition in the market and encouraged web hosting providers to adopt competitive and user-friendly prices.

On its initial existence, people use manual coding to build a website.

Today,independent professional and serious blogger has a functioning website and requires web hosting. They use collaborative platforms such as WordPress and Joomla!

Future of web hosting

In the future, I believe the web hosting industry will see new improvements, developments, and even interruptions. Public clouds and cloud hosting services are an example of a recent industry update. We will see it later as it is in the future.

In my case, I use Amazon CloudFront which has very remarkable performance and allows me to keep little load times. All the multimedia content of my page in WordPress is uploaded and served from the Amazon space. If you are interested, you should use the Amazon S3 and Cloudfront plugin to help you with the task.

If you are looking for a good hosting provider, a great option is Hostingraja. The company provides various hosting plans from shared to dedicated server hosting. If you work as an agency or are a designer/programmer with an extensive portfolio of clients and want to sell hosting services, you can buy a dedicated server and have full control of the features that you will offer to your clients.