How to Know When Your Internet Speed Needs Checking

Internet speed is one of the most important things when it comes to using web services at home, on the go, or at the office. You always want to make sure you have the best services available to suit your needs. If you watch movies online, play games online, or even for your day to day activities of your business, you will need your internet running at a decent speed. Certain inconveniences such as loading times or connection trouble can cause you to question your provider. Before you cancel your service, you might want to verify that you are paying for the right amount of resources to run the programs you need. You might need your internet speed checked if movies are running slow, video games are taking forever to load, or your basic internet services are timing out.

Movies Are Running Slow

If you’ve ever watched a movie online, you know that it can be very annoying for a movie to take too long to play or to begin buffering once your attention is already captivated. No one wants an interrupted movie. Pressing pause and stepping away is one thing, but you don’t want you 1-2 hours to turn into a 4 hour ordeal because your internet was running at a snail’s pace. If you are not sure why your system is not playing smoothly, you need to get your internet speed checked.

Video Games Are Taking Too Long To Load

Gaming experiences really need to be smooth or that defeats the purpose of playing. You don’t start a game hoping that it loads without a hitch, you are supposed to be focused on being able to win the game or complete a particular section that you’ve been challenged on before. None of this matters if by the time the game loads you no longer desire to play it. If your games are not running or loading smoothly, you may want to check your internet speed.

Basic Internet Services Are Timing Out

To say you have internet, you at least need to be able to log into your email, check bank accounts, or log in to other online services you may need. If you are paying for an internet service and your websites are not loading properly you most likely need to have a speed test done. These tests check your connection for you and they are usually inexpensive. They are a good way to help you see your stats up close and personal and decide if you need to purchase a stronger service or if something is wrong with the service you have.


As technology continues to take over the world, internet becomes more and more of a necessity and no longer an option. The sad part about it is the most basic services are not enough anymore. Since times are rapidly changing we have to adapt and get the fastest services available in order to keep all of our stuff running properly. If your movies are dragging, your video games are loading slowly and your basic internet services are timing out, then you really need to get your internet speed checked.