Why is VPS Hosting Expensive than Regular Hosting?

Choosing the perfect hosting service for your website can seem like a daunting task. With several website hosting plans available, understanding the features and benefits of each of them can be overwhelming. Traditionally, there were two basic types of hosting services – Shared Hosting and Dedicated Servers. In recent years, advancement in technology has led to the introduction of services like Cloud Hosting and VPS Server Hosting.

While the traditional shared hosting plans are still the cheapest ones available, VPS Hosting Servers, with the range of features and benefits offered, are costlier than them. Today, we will be talking about VPS Servers and look at the reasons why they are more expensive than regular Shared Hosting services.

1. Better Performance

A VPS Hosting Server has dedicated resources. Hence, it ensures account isolation, i.e. each virtual server remains independent of others. This is important because websites that share a server can be affected by one another, causing performance issues. In Shared Hosting plans, if one website receives high volumes of traffic, it can slow down all the other websites on the server. By using a Windows or Linux VPS Server, the performance of your website does not depend on the other users.

2. Resource Scalability

A regular hosting plan is perfect for small-medium websites that have low volumes of traffic. However, if you are looking at growing your business, the chances of web traffic increasing are high. A Shared Hosting plan might not be able to accommodate this traffic surge since scalability is limited. A Virtual Private Server offers scalability without any interference in the functionality of the server. Hence, it ensures that even during traffic spikes, your high-traffic website can offer uninterrupted services.

3. Offers more control

When you buy VPS Hosting, you get complete root access. This gives you the ability to take full control of the server. Here, you can edit server files and perform any other tasks without getting blocked due to a lack of adequate permissions. You can host multiple websites, third-party software/applications, game servers, etc. You can also maintain it as per your preferences. Without root access, the control is fairly restricted, and the dependence on the hosting provider is high. By using a VPS, you can freely implement any necessary software changes on the server.

4. Top-notch Security

A striking feature of VPS Hosting is account isolation where the virtualization software ensures that each virtual server is isolated from the others. Hence, the performance of one does not affect the other. This is unlike in Shared Hosting, where the user accounts are not isolated and impact each other in various ways. The security offered in VPS Hosting is much higher as compared to a regular hosting plan.

Summing Up

As you can see, VPS Hosting services offer a range of benefits that regular hosting services don’t. The hosting company uses virtualization software to create virtual servers and manage them regularly. This adds up to the cost of the hosting plan making VPS Web Hosting slightly more expensive than regular hosting plans.

However, VPS Hosting is also one of the most cost-efficient hosting plans. While on this point, it is essential to remember that choosing a hosting service entirely on price can be a recipe for disaster. Ensure that you assess your site’s hosting needs and choose a plan that is best suited to it. Good Luck!

You can check out the below video to understand the cost-efficiency of VPS Hosting plans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQW_PHk7cgY.